For over thirty years hair designer Diana DiMedio has been committed to teaching women and men to “embrace their individuality.” She teaches that hair care is more than harsh chemicals and damaging styling tools.

“My concept is and always has been, Patterned cuts are out and individuality is in!” Today, Diana continues to educate women and men in proper hair upkeep and product knowledge.



Seferxhane (Johnny) Hajra has been studying curly hair, and the techniques to perfect a Devacut side by side with Diana for over 10 years.

“Curly hair is both a science, and an art. When you’re with a client you do more than shape their hair, you help shape their confidence. Having the ability to make or break someones confidence with my work is a lot; but it’s the best part of my job, knowing I’ve helped someone on their curly hair journey.”


All of our Stylists have many years of amazing experience with DevaCurl products, techniques, and standards.

We are proud to use DevaCurl styling products that are specially formulated for all types of curly hair.

Our stylists will make sure you walk out of the salon loving your hair.